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Concrete Cutting Geelong

Concrete cutting Geelong consists of services designed for cutting through concrete ceilings, walls or floors. The procedure is typically used for complex undertakings such as removing unneeded concrete or coring concrete pile. Concrete cutting Geelong or coring is also the term applied for the process of building a concrete center in a structure.

Basics of Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is different from the DIY tasks where one just drills a hole in a wall to secure a closet door base or hang a frame. Those are small jobs and concrete cutting is used there, as those simply require a suitable concrete bit and hammer drill. Concrete cutting is used for more complicated tasks like making holes in pile foundations that are set under buildings.

The purpose is to shift the weight of the building so that it is under the ground surface. By moving a building’s weight deep down, the chances of the structure shifting goes down significantly. This is very important for buildings and structures that are situated in places subject to intense cold weather, flooding or constant weather disturbances and fluctuations.

For concrete cutting purposes, piles may be constructed from concrete, steel or wood, and they are driven or jacked into the ground and joined to pile caps. If these are concrete piles, concrete cutting or coring will be used to make holes to link the piles to the pile caps.

Benefits of Concrete Coring and Cutting

Concrete cutting Geelong provides equipment for a variety of services. Concrete coring and cutting may be used for instance, to determine the strength of concrete in a structure. A company might require the services of a cutting firm to test the durability of its property, and the best way to do that is to cut through the concrete and obtain samples and test its strength.

Concrete coring and cutting are not limited to commercial applications, as homeowners may use this service for drilling furnaces. The process is also ideal for removing concrete. If huge amounts of concrete have to be removed, concrete cutting is necessary.

While it is possible to remove concrete manually, hiring a company to do so is more practical. The reason is they can do it without bringing up a ton of dust, something that cannot be avoided when using a jackhammer. With the right set of tools and equipment, concrete pieces may be cut, sawed and broken properly without sending dust flying everywhere.

As indicated earlier, the same process may be used for creating a solid concrete based center, which may be used as elevator shafts, safe rooms or security safes. In addition properly cut concrete provides balance to any structure. High rise towers for instance, need proper concrete cutting and coring to ensure there are no problems given their massive height.

Concrete cutting Geelong provides expert cutting and core drilling services using state of the art equipment. All components are maintained and used by skillfully trained operators. Most importantly, all the equipment is designed to handle all kinds of concrete cutting without causing undue interruption to the site.

Concrete cutting Geelong