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Concrete Grinding Geelong

Concrete grinding Geelong is becoming more and more popular today. Concrete grinding and polishing is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Polished concrete flooring may be used in warehouse floors, office building floors, hospital floors, mall floors, manufacturing plant floors, and showroom floors.

The process of concrete grinding can be compared to sanding wood. Various machines with diamond-segmented abrasives may be utilized that, like sandpaper, can wear down concrete surfaces and reveal a smoother, shinier layer. Then, the process would have the use of machines with finer-grit abrasives to make the surface glossy.


Concrete grinding Geelong has plenty of benefits that would be best appreciated by homeowners and commercial building administrators.

One is that it can transform a drab space like a patio, driveway, or walkway into an elegant surface that would enhance the appearance of a home or building.

Furthermore, a polished concrete virtually requires no maintenance due to the absence of a top coat that has to be re-applied several years after. Thus, homeowners and building administrators won’t be spending anything for maintenance in the years ahead.

Moreover, polished concrete is durable. After all, concrete is widely recognized as the most versatile, durable, and commonly used construction product. Once the concrete has been polished, it should remain long-lasting and strong for many years ahead.

Depending on the traffic, concrete floors may have to be refinished in five to ten years to bring back the shine and beauty. But the process of refinishing the concrete is quick and won’t require a lot of downtime.

In terms of beauty, there are numerous color options for concrete. Hence customers can select a color that will match with the theme of their homes or buildings. Color is added before densifying, allowing the color to remain for decades.

With all these benefits considered, there is really no reason for you not to consider concrete grinding Geelong.

Our Services

When looking for a company to to do your concrete grinding project, consider Core and Saw. We are a fully insured company committed to deliver quality service to our clients at very reasonable prices.  We are also committed to safety and we ensure that we can get the job done fast without causing any harm to anyone or damage to surrounding areas.

For concrete grinding, it includes processes such as epoxy removal, tile glue removal, and existing concrete coating removal. We also provide services like floor leveling, driveway grinding, garage grinding, office/shop/apartment grinding, and exposed aggregate grinding.

Contact us now and get a free inspection and quote for your project. When it comes to concrete grinding Geelong, there’s only one name to trust and that is Core and Saw.


Concrete Grinding Geelong

Concrete Grinding Geelong

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