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Concrete Grinding Melbourne

Concrete grinding is the process of flattening a floor of concrete to make way for a home or office building improvement. It particularly involves leveling the surface of a concrete slab and removing deep trowel marks. Our concrete grinding Melbourne service can create a beautiful, attractive surface that can last for a long time.

Concrete grinding can be achieved in two ways. One is dry concrete grinding, which is completely dust-free. This type appeals to home and property owners who would want everything to be cleaned up easily.

The other type is wet concrete grinding, which is safer for workers and other people in the surrounding areas because there are no harmful dust bearing silica released to the air.

The concrete grinding process involves various actions Grinding machines are used for this process, and often times the hardness of the surface determines the type of machine to be employed for the job at hand.

Concrete grinding machines usually have an abrasive for grinding and polishing like diamond tools.  Diamond grinding cup wheels are the most commonly used by concrete grinders. These complex machines are intended to reduce the amount of physical work involved in the concrete grinding process.


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Concrete grinding Melbourne has numerous benefits. One is that it can make a floor more durable, especially when the surface is polished later on. It can hold up well even if the floor is situated in high traffic areas. The floor won’t easily stain or chip even after many years.

Grinded concrete not only creates a more durable surface, but it can also make the floor easy to maintain especially when compared to other surfaces like vinyl.  Grinded concrete floors require minimal maintenance apart from the occasional moping and sweeping for removal of dust and debris.

Concrete grinding also creates an attractive surface that can be comparable with those of other costly materials like stone. But concrete grinding is a lot more affordable when compared to the installation of other flooring options.

The process also provides a more earth-friendly flooring solution. This is because the flooring can last long, eliminating the need for costly repairs in the future. Moreover, ground concrete eliminates dust, mildew, and mold and thus results to a better air quality indoors.

Professional Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is a more complex process than what you think it is. Straightening bumps and uneven patterns and removing other impurities like epoxy, tile oils, chemicals, and paints are chores you’d like to leave to a professional like Core and Saw.

We offer reasonable rates for concrete grinding, you can contact us now and get a free cost estimate. With concrete grinding Melbourne, you can significantly improve the look of your home or office.

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