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Concrete Polishing Melbourne

As a homeowner or building administrator, one question that you may have in mind is ‘why should I polish my property’s concrete floor?’  There are several benefits of a polished concrete, especially when done by a professional concrete polishing Melbourne company like Core and Saw.

Lower maintenance costs

Polished concrete is easier to maintain compared to other surfaces. This is particularly beneficial for high traffic areas like hallways and corridors. Polished concrete floors are very easy to clean, as these won’t harbor dust and allergen. It would only need the occasional mopping.  Concrete floors are also able to resist scuff marks rather easily.

Polished concrete also don’t need to be regularly waxed or coated, saving you money, effort and time in the long run. The dense surface of polished concrete also prevents oils and liquids from staining them.

Compared to materials like vinyl composite tile or stone tile, polished concrete can last longer. It only has to be refinished once in every five years, at the earliest. Moreover, the downtime needed in polishing is very minimal that the area can be opened to traffic almost immediately.

It’s attractive

Polished concrete can be described as not only shiny, but also attractive and striking. It has a natural stone appeal, and looks expensive and elegant wherever it may be used.

Our concrete polishing Melbourne gives you endless style options. You can ask our team to create unique surfaces using different materials mixed into the concrete, combining dye, stain or various patterns using saw cuts or stencils.

Polished concrete has a high light reflectivity, which makes it ideal for use in hotels, restaurants, offices, and other places where a bright and clean image is important to project. Polishing concrete can give the surface a high degree of shine that is akin to polished marble or granite. With greater visibility, the floor requires fewer overhead lights to be switched on resulting to more savings on your part.

Polished concrete provides the same brilliant and mirror-like finish as a marble or granite floor can project, but it is a lot cheaper. This makes polished concrete a great alternative to businesses and families who can’t afford expensive marble or granite floors.

These are just some of the numerous benefits of having a polished concrete at home or in the office. The bottom line is that polished concrete is a more practical alternative to granite and marble, and still has the mirror-like finish of the two popular materials. It is also cheaper to maintain.

All of these things can be achieved with Core and Saw, we combine three different technologies to produce a spectacular finish. Contact us now for your concrete polishing Melbourne needs.   With Hiper Floor polishing, your office or home can get a rejuvenated, more attractive look without costing you a lot of money.


Concrete Polishing Melbourne

Concrete Polishing Melbourne

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