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Concrete Trip Hazard Removal Melbourne

A Trip Hazard occurs when two separate slabs of concrete, usually a sidewalk, come together and causes the concrete to either rise or lower to create an uneven suface, that can potentially be a hazard. It can be caused by a number of factors; the natural shifting of the earth, poorly replaced concrete slabs that are not the same size/shape, tree roots that have unlevelled the surface or the weather.

Core and Saw offers solutions for concrete trip hazard removal Melbourne wide. Our professionals have the experience and machinery necessary to clean, texture, repair and prepare concrete surfaces for new overlays, paints, waterproofing membranes or epoxy installations. Our machinery uses a smooth-operating, interchangeable drum assembly to grind down hazardous surfaces, leaving a textured finish. This textured finish is important as it will ensure the surface does not become slippery and will maintain an appropriate level of grip, assuring that when the job is finished that no other work is required to resurface the flat concrete.


Grinding Capacity

Our concrete trip hazard removal equipment is powered by our own generator, allowing for us to work on sites that do not have connected electricity and power. Our machine is built tough for the type of application it is used for and comes fitted with vacuum ports and depth control. Our unit covers an impressive 250mm wide and can facilitate 70-90 sqm / hour x 3.5mm depth. Which means a good job done quicker!


Why Choose Us for Concrete Trip Hazard Removal?

We guarantee our customers an expert and experienced concrete trip hazard removal service that will ensure that the job is completed as effectively as possible to provide a quality and long-lasting solution. We understand that it is a recurring safety issue that needs to be rectified with care. Our aim is to provide our customers the peace of mind of elimintating the hazard professionally, to avoid the trip hazard liability that may incur to your industrial, residental or commercial property.

Call Melbourne’s Core and Saw today, and discover for yourself why we’re the premier choice for Concrete Trip Hazard Removal Melbourne wide.

concrete trip hazard removal

concrete trip hazard removal



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