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Epoxy Floor Removal Melbourne

Core and Saw offer an extensive range of concrete grinding solutions to cater for epoxy floor removal Melbourne wide. We have the range of capabilities and expertise to remove any epoxy coating or paint flooring that is to make way for your choice of new flooring – whether it be a new application of epoxy, polished concrete, timber floorboards, or even carpet.

The epoxy solution contains two parts; one part is the base material and the other part is the hardener, this is mixed together for the resin to react and cure. Epoxy flooring is used for floor covering, that reacts to form a hard, shiny surface when the product is applied which is commonly used for traffic dense workplaces, for example a garage or workshop.

Epoxy Floor Removal and Painted Floor Removal is a difficult job to do on your own. It requires a considerable amount of effort and time because of the highly durable nature of the solution.

The Core and Saw team can manage the length of time required to complete the job effectively and have the right tools to professionally remove the epoxy floor. We adhere to your project’s timeline.

Our team also acknowledges the list of potential hazards that is demanded to remove of the epoxy coating & paint safely and adhere to those guidelines rigorously.


Why choose us for Epoxy Flooring & Grinding Solutions?

We would like to guarantee our customers that entrust the experienced and professional staff at Core and Saw to be completely satisfied with our Epoxy Floor Removal service. We offer a variety of concrete grinding solutions to prepare your floors for a new application.


Call Melbourne’s Core and Saw today, and discover for yourself why we’re the premier choice for epoxy floor removal Melbourne wide. We offer our concrete grinding and glue removal services for residential, commercial and industrial properties.


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