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Floor Leveling Melbourne

Whether it’s at home or in the office, having a level floor is absolutely essential. Not only are uneven floors an eyesore, but they can also pose liability concerns. All commercial, industrial and institutional spaces have a duty of care to uphold for their patrons. Uneven floors are particularly hazardous for the elderly, young children and people with mobility issues. Uneven floors are also at a greater risk of flooding. Floor leveling is the first step in ensuring a safe living and working environment.

So if you notice any imperfections or dips in your floor, do not wait for an accident to happen. Avoid the future headaches of liability. Contact Core and Saw for a prompt solution. Our qualified professionals have the equipment, skills and experience needed to grind and correct the problems associated with an uneven concrete floor.

Symptoms to Look For:

Here are some notable problems you need to watch out for with your concrete floor:

  • Tiles seem to have lifted from your concrete floor. This can present a tripping hazard to anyone who walks by.
  • The surface of the floor may have cracked, resulting in an uneven floor surface.
  • The concrete finishers left ridges and humps on the floor, creating an uneven surface.
  • Your saw cut joints, used for minimising random cracking, are expanding or contracting.
  • The concrete floors display prominent trowel marks that offer a rough surface where people can trip.

All of these uneven floor surfaces can cause people to trip over while walking along your floor. Injuries from falling can range from minor cuts and bruises to severe breaks, dislocations and head injuries. In order to avoid these types of injuries, floor leveling is the first thing you should ensure.


What’s the Solution?

At Core and Saw, we offer modern solutions in grinding the concrete floor to ensure smooth and leveled walking surfaces. We use highly specialised grinding and leveling techniques and we have the equipment necessary to take care of a range of surface imperfections.

So contact Core and Saw if your floor is bumpy, ridged or tilted. We offer quick and reliable floor leveling services Melbourne wide.

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