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Hand Sawing Geelong

Hand sawing Geelong companies provide you with a professional team capable of delivering professional, high quality services. By using the latest concrete hand sawing equipment you will get the results you’re looking for, and while all these tools have the same purpose, different types are available.

An Overview of Hand Saws

Aside from traditional hand saws, there are also those that use hydraulic power, petrol and electricity, giving contractors and workers numerous options. Although various cutting have appeared in recent years, the hand saw remains one of the most popular as it can be used in a variety of ways.

A hand saw can cut concrete floors and walls, and the good ones can cut to a depth of 10 inches. These are also suitable for making superficial cuts on floors or cutting up wall surfaces. Furthermore, hand saws are portable and therefore can be carried around anywhere. While there are more powerful cutting saws available, concrete hand saws are most suitable if one needs to cut in tight, small and inaccessible areas.

Concrete hand saws are also quick and ideal for either a big job or small cut, and they are usually good for up to 150 mm. The following are among the most frequent uses for concrete hand saws.

Hand Saw Uses and Applications

Concrete hand saws can be used in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following.

  • Penetrating air conditioning systems
  • Cutting through ceilings
  • Cutting through walls
  • Demolition related tasks
  • Create openings in plumbing or electrical structures
  • Hand sawing Geelong can be used in cinder, concrete and brick structures

Electric and hydraulic sawing are special cutting tools, and they are suitable for use indoors as they don’t generate fumes. Unlike other cutting tools, these have been specially designed for use in places where there is a lack of ventilation.

To get the maximum benefits however, a contractor must use the highest quality hand saws, otherwise the results will be less than acceptable. Instead of just relying on any kind of hand saw, the company you hire ought to provide tailor made concrete drilling and cutting services for different kinds of projects.

While anyone can pick up a hand saw and start cutting, it takes a special, dedicated team to perform those tasks. Aside from a professionally trained team, contractors should also seek reliable, high quality and updated equipment.

Among the most widely used hand sawing equipment today are the hydraulic powered ones, as they are ideal if there isn’t enough room for floor saws. There are many instances where hydraulic hand saws become handy, such as cutting garden shed slabs and pool surroundings. Compared with traditional saws, hydraulic hand saws can cut down to a depth of 240 mm, which is why it is so popular.

Hand sawing Geelong equipment is also useful in other situations, and since the motor on the hydraulic tool is outside, emissions are nonexistent. Given their unique features and quality, these cutting tools can be used in a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Hand Sawing Geelong