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Ring Sawing Geelong

Ring sawing Geelongservices can provide contractors, companies and individuals with the type of equipment necessary for special cutting projects. A ring saw is basically a band saw except that it has a rigid rather than flexible band, and ring saw bands are circular instead of oblong as with a band saw.

Characteristics and Features

Ring saw blades are not toothed, and are instead abrasive and brittle. It is this brittleness and the need to avoid flexure why it has rings instead of oval bands, and because the ring has a constant radius, the blade doesn’t bend or flex when run. The blades on a ring saw are not typically rigid and may in fact be bent a bit. However, these blades are not meant to be flexed while rotating.

Uses and Applications

The majority of abrasive ring saw blades are used in manufacturing art glass, and they have a steel ring or band coated with diamond abrasive with nickel electroplating. Aside from glass, these saws are used on brittle and hard materials like ceramic and mineralogy.

A ring saw relies on a wire or ring shaped like a flat disk, and the blade’s non-cutting side is at the rear of the cutting edge, limiting the depth of the cuts that can be done. Wire saws, it should be noted, are coated with abrasives on all sides and are capable of cutting in different directions. With the ring at the back of the cutting edge, any cut in the main direction starts treating the blade like an arch, which is more rigid than a cylindrical blade’s sideways force.

The geometrical arrangement in ring sawing Geelong allows for vertical cuts even in thick materials, but the cut needs to be straight and unlike a band saw, cannot curve if the material being cut is too thick. The majority of ring saws have a similar blade to that of a band saw with some notable differences. The aforementioned rigidity is one, but in addition, the cuts are more accurate and stronger, essential in many projects. In addition, some ring saws are capable of cutting sideways, backwards and forwards, although this feature is not always present in these tools.

While ring saws have features similar to band saws, it doesn’t have their straight run and is more pressure sensitive. In addition, these cutting equipment are usually water cooled. Concrete ring saws and other masonry saws, on the other hand, are shaped like disk cutters and nothing like band saws. However, they do have diamond abrasive coating too. A well designed ring saw moreover, grinds the glass while you are cutting, and the edges will be clean and smooth.

There are many benefits to using ring sawing Geelong equipment, including the fact that they make it easy to cut glass smoothly into many different intricate shapes. The highest quality ring saws can cut in various directions including slight curves, and the saws designed for glass cutting have diamonds around the blade so one can move the glass in any direction without affecting the cut.


Ring Sawing Geelong