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Road Sawing Geelong

Road sawing Geelongoffers the best and most dependable cutting tools and procedures available for cutting slabs. Long considered as a staple in concrete cutting, road saws are versatile pieces of equipment that may be used for a variety of operations, as the following information will make clear.

Applications and Uses

Road saws may be used for the following:

  • Demolishing concrete slabs
  • Cutting concrete and asphalt
  • Cutting roads, driveways and factory floors
  • Cutting trenches
  • Cutting electrical cables

Road saws may be powered by electricity, diesel or petrol, and they have become very popular because their maneuverability allows for cutting down to depths of 900 mm. Due to their versatility, these saws are now used for joints expansion, cutting and refining large slabs of concrete, and the aforementioned cutting of various road surfaces and materials.

Road sawing, also known as flat sawing, provides companies and workers with plenty of options for cutting roads. Because of the materials used, ordinary cutting equipment is not sufficient, so these are used instead. As the information above shows, road saw functionality is not limited to roads per se but can be used in other ways.

The most widely used type is flat sawing, and it is the most frequently used diamond cutting method. Unlike other cutting tools, slab saws have a diamond blade mounted on a walk behind machine, and this is the one frequently used in road construction.

Slab Sawing Use and Applications

Road sawing Geelong equipment is designed to be used by a single operator, making it more convenient than other road cutting tools. Built using the latest technology and following the highest standards, these saws are more than capable of cutting through assorted horizontal surfaces including bridge decks and pavement. For companies, the use of road saws represents savings since there’s no need to buy and use separate equipment for other road surfaces.

The other advantage provided by road sawing is one can choose from gas, electric and other units, whichever is preferred. The maximum depth that most of these saws can reach is 900 mm, but 360 mm is suitable for most cases. But if deeper cuts are required, such road sawing equipment is available.

The reason why slab sawing is so effective lies in its design, as it can cut through concrete slabs much more effectively than any other sawing equipment. Not only is it quick, but it is also very accurate, essential when working on large scale projects. For a contractor, road sawing ensures work will be carried out without interruption. Aside from concrete, these tools can be used on brick and stone as well. Unlike other sawing equipment, road saws are for large scale and small scale development projects.

Road sawing Geelong also provides special electric saw cutters for projects that require extra precision and care, while diesel powered road saws are appropriate for cutting concrete deeply. As pointed out earlier, the equipment is also suitable for expansion joints, patterns and designs. Last but not the least, they are cost effective and minimizes problems such as cracking and shrinkage.  

Road Sawing Geelong