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Surface Preparation Melbourne

Surface preparation can be approached in many different ways depending on (1) the flooring material and quality, and (2) the machinery and tools available. For concrete surface preparation there are number of ways to prepare the floors. One method involves scarifying a floor; which is very noisy and creates a lot of dust in the process. This method would require a large area to be sealed off in order to be completed. Scarifying also runs the risk of leaving unwanted grooves and lines. Another method uses shot blasting; which may be insufficient for floor coverings that are too thick.


Grinding as the Alternative for Surface Preparation

At Core and Saw, we use modern methods and current machinery to professionally prepare concrete floor surfaces. Our grinding machinery can satisfy a number surface preparation requests and help remove unwanted carpet adhesive and carpets, paints and glue. Once these are removed, you will be left with a smoother floor surface ready to lay your new flooring.

Wherever possible, it is always better to keep the original floor surface and covering in tact. Concrete grinding is one of the less invasive surface preparation techniques due to its accuracy and adjustable strength in grinding depth.


Benefits of Surface Preparation via Concrete Grinding

Grinding offers many advantages over other methods such as scarifying and shot blasting. By using grinding for floor preparation the old floor coverings can be removed properly and quickly. The underlying concrete surface is leveled out and you get an ideal concrete surface for the further treatment you want for your floors.

Additional benefits of grinding include the following:

  • Works on all concrete surfaces.
  • Can always end up with a flat surface for your floor, which isn’t always possible with scarifying and shot blasting.
  • Can work very close to the edges.
  • Produces lower levels of dust noise pollution. Meaning it won’t disrupt nearby work environments; which can be a hindrance for workplace settings and for residential settings. Minimal dust and low noise can be quite a relief.

Contact Core and Saw for your concrete flooring surface preparation needs. Our surface preparation services are offered Melbourne wide.

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