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Carpet Glue Removal Melbourne

At Core and Saw we pride ourselves on our total commitment to providing quality service to all of our customers. Many people in Melbourne know this about us, and that helps explain why so many of them call us for carpet glue removal Melbourne services.


Why Call Us for Carpet Glue Removal

Wouldn’t it be nice if removing a carpet simply meant rolling it up off the floor? The problem usually is that the carpet had been glued to the concrete underneath. Once you remove the carpet, you’re left with a concrete floor that’s very tacky, uneven and hard to work with.

If you’re laying down new carpet, you may still feel some of the larger glue remnants beneath the rug. If you’re replacing the floors with another material such as tiles, you may find the new glue is not as adhesive due to the previous glue. If you’re looking towards the original concrete beneath the old carpet as your new flooring solution then the old carpet glue not only presents trip hazards but it is also an eyesore!

The problem is that removing this glue can be a terribly frustrating experience, especially when using insufficient tools. You may have to spend a lot of time scraping off the glue, and some of it may still not come off. You may need to rent power tools to do the job, but you always risk some damage to the concrete flooring. Chemical solvents are an alternative but their effectiveness is not guaranteed, not to mention you’ll be exposed to toxic fumes.

Clients call us to avoid all these problems. We have the tools, skills and experience required to remove carpet glue efficiently and correctly. With Core and Saw, the job is done right so you can start on your new floor as soon as possible.


The Process

Core and Saw have the most effective concrete grinders that can quickly remove the carpet glue remnants from your concrete floor. Once the carpet glue is separated from the floor, we then remove it quickly with our industrial-grade vacuum cleaners. We ensure prompt, effective and clean service every time.



With Core and Saw, the job is done properly with a minimum of fuss.

  • The tacky and unsightly carpet glue is removed right away.
  • Saves your back.
  • You don’t waste any time putting on your new carpet or flooring
  • If the concrete underneath the old carpet needs restoration, Core and Saw can also offer services to restore the concrete floor properly.

Call Melbourne’s Core and Saw today. You can discover precisely why we’re the first choice for carpet glue removal Melbourne wide. Our concrete grinding and carpet glue removal services are available for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We have worked in various homes and offices, showrooms and shops, and warehouses and factories all over Melbourne and Geelong. Contact us and get your free quote today.

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