Concrete Cutting Dandenong

Do you need expert concrete cutting services in Dandenong? At Core and Saw, we have 10 years of experience in providing clients in Geelong and across Melbourne with safe, reliable and efficient concrete cutting, working across the civil, commercial, domestic and industrial projects.

Focusing on delivering top-quality services at an affordable price, we’ve quickly established ourselves as leaders in the industry thanks to our commitment to our valued customers. Using heavy duty concrete cutting tools and machines, we offer customised concrete cutting services for any job, large and small.

We are fully licensed and insured and have worked with builders, plumbers, homeowners, electricians, contractors and developers alike. With an extensive history of satisfied customers, you can trust Core and Saw to provide outstanding service with unbeatable results.

Concrete Cutting Dandenong

Our Concrete Cutting Services

Concrete Hand Sawing

Cutting up to 150mm deep, concrete hand sawing is perfect for sawing those small, hard-to-reach places and is often used for superficial or surface cuts on walls.

Concrete Ring Sawing

Similar to concrete hand sawing, concrete ring sawing can cut deeper but is still typically used for smaller jobs and can be used on brick walls, staircases, concrete slabs and more.

Concrete Wall Sawing

Concrete wall sawing utilises a circular blade mounted on a track-mounted hydraulic driver head and is used to create vertical and horizontal cuts on walls, bricks and more.

Concrete Wire Sawing

Concrete wire sawing is often used on more complicated, one-of-a-kind jobs. Wire sawing can be used to cut through concrete of any thickness, even if it’s been heavily reinforced.

Concrete Core Drilling

Our concrete core drilling machinery can be drilled to any depth and is suitable for many different applications, such as when the core must be preserved or when a hole needs to be created for wires or other equipment. Our concrete coring bits range from 6mm to 1000mm and work on almost all concrete and brick surfaces.

Concrete Road Sawing

Used on slabs with depths of up to 600mm, concrete road sawing is commonly used on pavements, bridge decks, floors and more and minimises the risk of shrinkage and cracking.

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