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Concrete Wire Sawing


At Core and Saw, our expert team provides a wide range of concrete cutting services across Melbourne. They can tackle any job big or small and will work with you to provide the best solution for the job.

Backed by many years of experience, we also offer wire sawing for those hard niche jobs.


What is wire sawing?


Wire sawing originated from Europe in the stone quarries and has now become a safe, fast and cost-efficient option when needing to cut through thick, large, irregular concrete blocks.

Wire saws are a great versatile solution for complex jobs where other cutting methods are not practical and run much quieter than other concrete saws.

Our team has the advanced skills and experience to operate wire saws to deliver you with the cleanest cut.


How does it work?


Wire saws use a multi-strand cable system with diamond beads attached. As the cable (or wire) feeds through a sequence of pulleys, rotated by the hydraulic or electric powered saw, the wire is wrapped around the object being cut.

As the wire rotates, it easily cuts through the concrete while keeping tension on the wire while keeping cool and flushed by free flowing water. The excess wire is then stored onto another series of pulleys and stacking within a looping system.

This type of concrete sawing allows you to cut through any thickness of concrete and even allows you to cut through heavily reinforced concrete.

It is used to cut through reinforced concrete such as:

  • piers
  • towers
  • pillars
  • Beams


One of the many benefits of a concrete wire saw is that it is also able to cut through load bearing objects without getting caught mid cut, like other blades can. It can also be used for cutting concrete underwater, unlike other concrete cutters.

Wire saws can be used for vertical and horizontal angled cutting and can even be used to cut circular openings.

As a quick, quiet and effective concrete cutting solution, we recommend contacting us about your needs to see if wire sawing is what you’re after.

Alternatively, if you know what you need already, request a quote and we’ll get back to you with an estimate on your project.