Concrete Wall Sawing

Core and saw concrete wall sawing employs a circular blade on a track mounted hydraulic driver head. When precision is a must, our wall saw technicians provide customers accurate and clean results. We pride ourselves in the speed our work is completed, allowing for our partners to meet their deadlines cost effectively.

How it works:

The track is attached to walls or steep inclines that will not permit the use of road saws. Concrete Wall sawing units are driven by 3-phase electric power pack and can cut up to 700mm thick concrete.

Wall sawing Melbourne provides horizontal and vertical cuts for concrete walls, blocks, or bricks. We are skilled in making clean openings for windows, doors, and duct openings. Our operators are trained in precision flush-cutting methods according to your specifications. If you need precision wall sawing services or just need to make new openings in those hard-to-reach places, call Core and Saw for a free consultation and estimate today.

Concrete Wall Sawing Service

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