Concrete Road Sawing

Road sawing is an essential part and fast option for cuts on Roads and concrete slabs with depths up to 600mm

Road sawing in Melbourne can operate as petrol, diesel or 3 phase electric powered. It is used to cut surfaces such as expansion joints, concrete slabs and asphalt roads, for drainage, cables and electrical wiring purposes.

This type of sawing is also known as flat sawing and is the most identified diamond cutting method. Slab sawing features a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk- behind machine. These machines require only one operator. It is generally used to cut horizontal surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, expansion joints, and pavement.

Concrete road sawing can be performed with a gas or electric/exhaust-free unit. Generally cuts can be made as deep as 360mm. However, we offer specialised cuts as well, that are deeper, if required. Slab sawing is an efficient means of cutting any concrete. It is not only quick and precise, but is also the best way to cut concrete. This type of sawing helps the contractor in carrying out all work smoothly and virtually uninterrupted. In addition, it can be used to cut through stone and brick as well.

Also 3 phase electric powered saw cutting concrete works great for sensitive projects.

Diesel charged road saw is the best way to cut concrete for greater depths.

Flat sawing is also used for expansion joints, designs and patterns. Concrete road sawing is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways of cutting concrete. It also strives to minimise the shrinkage and cracking problems. This method of saw cutting concrete/asphalt is quite effective in large scale road developments as well.

All equipment is serviced to the highest standards. Our operators are fully licensed and qualified.

Our trained team delivers best cutting services with our reliable, updated and high-quality equipment.

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