Concrete Hand Sawing

Core and Saw uses the latest equipment for an effective concrete hand sawing in Melbourne and Geelong. We here have a professional team that works with impressive efficiency and expertise.

Concrete Hand Sawing in Melbourne is available as Petrol, hydraulic and electric 15amp/3-phase sawing. The hand saw can be used to cut on Concrete walls or floors and can cut up to 150mm deep. A hand saw works great for cutting superficial or surface cuts on walls. This kind of saw is highly portable. Concrete Hand Sawing makes the perfect choice when cutting is needed in small, tight and inaccessible areas. A hand saw has a tremendous speed as well.

It is an ideal tool for small cuts or big jobs from joints, to floor cut-outs, at a depth of 150mm.

Typical uses for this type of sawing may include:

  • Sawing concrete pipe to length
  • Cutting out doors or windows
  • Precision trimming
  • Creating openings for electrical, plumbing or other needs in concrete/ brick and cinder structures; in beam pockets
  • Demolition purposes
  • Cutting through walls, ceilings
  • Air-conditioning penetrations

Hand sawing is a highly versatile kind of sawing concrete.

Hydraulic/electric Sawing is usually a special application. It does not produce any fumes, thus making it a perfect choice for indoor areas with lack of ventilation.

Our company, Core and Saw, uses the latest tools for high quality construction work. Also, we are prompt in our response and dealings with our clients. We offer tailor made concrete cutting and drilling services for all kinds of projects in and surrounding areas for Melbourne and Geelong.

Our trained team delivers best cutting services with our reliable, updated and high-quality equipment

Hydraulic Hand Sawing: This kind of sawing is used where there is limited access with insufficient room for floor sawing. Few scenarios where a hydraulic hand saw is the most preferred tool for cutting include pool surroundings and inside slabs. As the motor is outside, there are virtually no emissions within the job area. Core and Saw are specialists in concrete hand sawing. They cater to a range of industrial, civil commercial and domestic applications, quite proficiently. A hydraulic hand saw can cut to a depth of 150mm. It is an excellent option when there is no proper ventilation and also where release of fumes can be hazardous.

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Concrete Hand Sawing in Melbourne

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