Concrete Core Drilling

Core and Saw is one of the premier cutting and drilling service companies in Melbourne. We provide a complete range of concrete core drilling services for all required holes. Our core drilling rigs are designed to drill any concrete or brick surfaces. Our Diamond core bits ranging widely in diameter (6mm-1000mm) and can be drilled to any depth the concrete is.

Diamond core drills can be used for many applications this could be used where the core needs to be preserved for sample tests of the concrete or simply to create an hole for plumbing or electrical wires, number of different services such as phone lines, barrier installation, and pit works, drainage and fire prevention equipment. all our diamond core drill bits are used and is cooled with running water to eliminate dust we can also control the slurry with our suction ring vacuums to minimise mess in a sensitive spot that requires a core hole.

Concrete core drilling bits vary in sizes so that they may accommodate all projects.We carry 16mm to 200mm diameter core bits in our vans, but also hold drill bits up too 1000mm deep theses are requested drill bits for those special jobs that require much larger than normal holes.

Our core drills and other cutting equipment are of the highest quality and well maintained.

Our concrete core drilling is a dust-free process that ensures peace of mind and leaves behind a healthy and a safe environment.

Our core drill bits which are made from diamond segments these bits allow us to cut through many materials including metal.

These drills can drill holes in floors, walls, roofs or angles, along with providing the maximum versatility required in almost all building projects. We work to the highest standard of professional efficiency and are fully safety compliant.

Hydraulic Core Drilling: It is basically a hydraulic mechanically driven drill used for Larger holes (above 500mm in dia) and under water and inverted drilling. Inverted drilling is used for applications when access from above is restricted. This hydraulic core drilling can be carried out in the form of concrete, brickwork, limestone and bitumen core drilling. A core drill can render hydraulic drilling up to 450mm. It can be carried out on an angle, plumb or level, above and below ground. Some main applications include roofs, ceilings, walls, bridges, tunnels, road surfaces and also in recounting cables/pipes/wires.